The February slowdown

So it came to pass …………

That the wins stop coming so frequent

With 20 wins some to still arrive in January and over £1000 worth of prizes, the best win of January was £200 cash with Pixel Gecko (a free spot the ball style entry)


I was really pleased to have won yet more fishing goodies, especially with the Preston Innovations Monster Bait side tray, that has a wind/water proof roof for bait access without dying out getting soaked etc. My 2 favourite hobbies come together when I win fishing goodies, last year I won loads of em including a £700 shop from Daiwa’s latest fishing catalogue and products I wanted, so hopefully this year more of the same.


Dare I say aiming for Fishing vouchers, poles, seat boxes bivvies and carp rods this year!

Anyway this year is only 2 prizes so far, apologies as only sounds greedy, but seasoned compers will know time and effort bring prizes and you do get to anticipate winning every week even if it be a can of energy drink or a bottle of bleach. Why I picked those 2 items at random Ive really no idea.

Anyway I hope to bring a lot more useful stuff to the blog this year but for this month you suffer my wittering on.

Be Happy Be Healthy Be Lucky Be Loved  – Tony

By avmartin30

1st prizes for 2017 revealed

Twas on the 3rd day of January 2017 that the first wins of the year were achieved.

So here we go again folks hope you are all going to have a wonderful and lucky year, as I said before if you dont already keeping a win diary is a great way to keep tabs on how weel you are doing, whats been received, who you won it with and it also shows peeks and troughs in your luck, I’m still a firm believer that April and September are my worst luck months over the last however many years so will be watching again this year with interest if only for folk to say ‘Poppy Cock’ to my theory.

So today was a couple of good and useful prizes, one for my fishing and the other for general usage in life as a whole.
Thanks to DNA Baits on Facebook for this great prize

Firstly I was lucky Enough to have been tagged by a fishing friend, Joy, who helped to win me some Fluoro Carp Popup baits, my Dad’s really got no chance next year with all this extra bait I now have.

Thanks to DNA Baits on Facebook for this great prize and thanks to Joy


Next was another facebook win with a PM received from ISUZU TRUCKS UK advising I’d won their Christmas competition.  The prize included a Thermal Mug, Quality Tape Measure, Truck Styled USB drive, Keyring and an additional Keyring Torch – very handy trying to find the lock in the middle of the night in Norfolk when you need to get indoors

Anyway folks, be lucky out there, the year is only 3 days old so far so plenty more winning to be had, be lucky all and hope to see loads of great wins out there with all my friends xx

By avmartin30

Happy New Year for 2017

Hi All and Happy New Year

As a lot of folk may know LifeLovesWinners was a blog that last year fell by the wayside due to work commitments, personal issues and in truth way too much going on.

I think also the blog was needing to focus more on competitions and the other areas such as weight loss (didn’t happen) cooking (didn’t happen) and fishing (did loads but didn’t blog) needed their own places away from the competitions.

So this year the blog is back and will be moving forward focusing just on competitions, as the year progresses it’s hoped that as well as the prize diary 2017 I will be able to bring you some great comping resources, assistance and more.

For those who haven’t kept a diary before it is a great way of looking back over the year, keeping tabs on prizes not received and also inspiring others, so if you dont already I recommend you give it a go.

So keeping this short and sweet but wishing you all luck in 2017 and hopefully a little inspiration over the months that lay ahead.

Be Happy Be Healthy Be Lucky Be Loved

Tony x


By avmartin30