2016 A new comping year begins

Hello there and good to see you’ve popped along to lifeloveswinners blog.

The blog originally covered  Competitions, Fishing, Cooking and Weight Loss that I was trying to achieve but from this year I’ve decided to downsize this blog just to focus on the competitions.

There will be a fishing blog separately and there is an attempt to lose weight continuing this year but I’m intending just to try and get on with it and not annoy folk with weekly weigh ins and so on, as invariably the last 2 years the plans all went wrong, I will admit though on 29th Dec 2015 I weighed 316lb (22st 8lb) so here’s hoping that goes down lots this year.

On the blog you will find the link to winners world website which has the links to the Winners Lounge, Prizeland Picks, Facebook Picks and the Advent Picks groups on Facebook which proved popular again this year (the latter pair feature only prizes worth £100 + and generally a whole lot more).

There was a failing on my part in the prize win diary 2015 having stopped updating the wins during August and September 2015 , hence the mini quest for 50 wins between 1st October and 31st December 2015, it was an almost moment having taken 49 of the 50 wins. However the new diary prize win diary 2016 will be kept up to date and access to the prize win diary 2014 is still available with the 274 wins in a year if folk want to check it for added incentive to show that anybody can win.

The Mantra that I love to share with folk is ‘Believe to Achieve’ When asked how I win or what do I do different to help me win, I cant answer, there isnt a secret system, its a mixture of persistence, effort and belief remembering that at times you aren’t getting wins, doesn’t mean give up you wont win, it means mix it up, try doing comps in a different order, perhaps try more on twitter, the web or Facebook if its not working on the way you are doing, it only takes 1 win and everything can change.

Anyway hope you enjoy the blog and will pad it out to try and include useful links, advice, a ‘Diary of a Comper’ style section and much more, also please feel free to use the groups.

Be Happy, Be Health, Be Lucky, Be Loved – Tony xx

By avmartin30